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Treat yourself to an unforgettable experience in the embrace of the Vipava hills. Check out the diverse portfolio of wines made by Vipava Valley winemakers and select the perfect winery for your wine tasting experience. Take your time and taste other traditional delicacies, always prepared from fresh home-grown ingredients and served with a glass of exceptional wine.


The story of the Vipava Valley unfolds around a drop of noble wine. The path of the past, winding through the good and uncertain times into the present, shapes the character of this magical landscape, imbued with picturesque villages on steep slopes, medieval castles on top of high hills and water mills adorning its waterways. This is a place that impresses with its history, lush nature, culinary specialties and winegrowing landscape.

Fall in love with the picturesque sights of the Vipava Valley. Experience the diversity of the landscape and take a stroll among the wine-growing hills, or climb the surrounding peaks and enjoy the unforgettable views. You will be enchanted by the mighty old villages and friendly locals. Listen to their stories and discover the greatest treasures of the Vipava Valley.





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