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Selected wines from Vipava Valley

The label «Vipavska dolina- Terase Izbrano« is awarded exclusively to wines that meet all quality and production criteria set out in the Rules of Production «Vipavska dolina- Terase Izbrano« Consortium of winemakers of the Vipava Valley. The rules on production consist of three technological pillars: viticulture, oenology and biodiversity.

External control or certification (the commission consists of experts in the viticulture and winemaking) by checking and tracking technological tasks and by tasting wine before bottling, provides the consumer and winemaker with a guarantee of wine quality and added value.

Properties and peculiarities of locations, vineyards, methods of grape production and wine making processing to obtain the label »Vipavska dolina – Terase Izbrano«

  • For wine marked label »Vipavska dolina – Terase Izbrano« the vineyard must be planted in absolute vineyard locations, on flysch terraces (in a hill with a minimum slope of 20%) or planted on a plateau at the top of the hills, on flysch.
  • The minimum age of vineyards for white fresh wines is 3 years and for structural red wines 10 years.
  • The vineyard suitable for the mentioned label is approved by the Expert Council of the Consortium of Winemakers of the Vipava Valley.
  • The vineyard inspection commission shall prescribe inspections of the vineyard and carry them out until the ripening stage is completed. In doing so, it evaluates the vineyard according to a 100-point modified qualitative assessment of viticultural tasks and phenological characteristics of the vine. The minimum scores a vineyard must receive is 85 points.
  • For wines marked label »Vipavska dolina – Terase Izbrano« the yield is limited to a maximum of 6 tons / ha and a maximum of 2.0 kg / vine.
  • Requirements and modern guidelines for the production technology of both white and red structural wines are set.
  • White wines of the category label »Vipavska dolina – Terase Izbrano« can be matured in stainless steel and partly in wooden (barrique) barrels. Red wines of the category label »Vipavska dolina – Terase Izbrano« mature for a minimum of 12 months in 30% of new or 1x used oak barrique or other, larger barrels, and the rest in stainless steel or larger wooden barrels.
  • White wine of selected quality label »Vipavska dolina – Terase Izbrano« can be placed on the market at least 6 months after harvest.
  • Red wine of the category label »Vipavska dolina – Terase Izbrano« can be placed on the market at least 18 months after harvest.
  • Wines with the label label »Vipavska dolina – Terase Izbrano«" are varietal in aroma with an accentuated fruity note and a nicely composed woody note of wooden barrels. This segment includes red and white structural wines and their varieties. According to the structure of the taste, they are rich, ripe with beautifully composed and soft tannins and a pleasant aftertaste. They are suitable for longer maturations.
  • In order to obtain the title label »Vipavska dolina – Terase Izbrano« an expert seven-member commission confirms the sensory quality and final suitability of the wine.
  • The winegrower takes care of the preservation and development of the biodiversity of the vineyard with nature-friendly technologies and natural elements such as green belts, overgrown natural barriers (e.g. hedges) and other ecological niches, which contributes to greater biodiversity.
  • With mechanical weed control, the winegrower strives for less use of herbicides, and with balanced fertilization with stable manure, has a positive effect on vine growth, crop quality and better wine quality.

First-class wines.

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