Berce Estate

Our story

The estate is the Berces – a family who work, are happy, create, and live together on their own little piece of paradise at the edge of the Vipava Valley.

Our wine-growing tradition is over 500 years old. According to genealogy books and other records, it dates back to 1400. Also dating back to that year is the oldest known mention of our family name in Dornberk, which was a record of the payment for a feudal estate for the vineyard we still own today..

Our estate is led by husband and wife: Stanka, a food technologist, and Matjaž, an agronomist, who had a common vision and goal. To set up a family estate following the example of estates we saw in Italy and France.

We began with a small one-hectare vineyard and a one-hectare peach orchard, today, our vineyards extend over 32 hectares in the Vipava Valley. All grapes from our vines turn into wine under our own Berce brand.

We offer other homemade products besides wine: vinegar, jams, spirits and grape seed oil.



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Vineyards and wine varieties

Most vineyards, about 70%, are set on marly and flysch terraces. About 30% of the vineyards lie in the valley. The oldest one is 31 years old. The list of planted grape varieties includes merlot, cabernet sauvignon, refosco, barbera, shira, pinot blanc, pinot gric, malvasia, rebula, yellow muscat, sauvignon, chardonnay, green sauvignon, red rebula and klarnica. White varieties are grown on around 60% of the land and the rest is planted with red varieties. Among all of the wines produced, Merlot always stands out and never disappoints.


Harvest season takes place continuously for 25 days and is a definitely big challenge for the family. However, one day is always dedicated to the so-called "VIP harvest", when many good friends, relatives and business partners join the grape harvest.

The family focuses on knowledge, all the latest tools methods and technology to optimize wine production in all stages, according to all contemporary european standards. Today, wines are made by use of at least five technological procedures. Maturation of wine takes place in various types of containers, from stainless steel tanks to oak barrels of different sizes.


Wine tastings are available. The tasting room accommodates one bus of people. Reception of groups is by arrangement. Duration and price depend on the customer’s wishes.

Available tasting packages: small package (€ 12), medium package (€ 15) and large package (€ 30).

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